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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 15, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EST

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monday morning, november 15th, 2010 as we get a live look at dulles airport to get you started. with -- we are off to a mild start today.
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tucker is here now. >> let's get started with a look at our morning temperatures. gurvir is right. it is mild, temperatures in the upper 40s as we go to view. we'll able to show you that the temperatures are in the upper 40s, 49 degrees. 43 in fredericksburg. 48 in hagerstown. you get the idea here, temperatures well above where they should be this time of year. we are for another mild day today with highs in the low 60s. a few clouds moving through. got a weak cold front that. will give us some morning cloudiness. i did mention fog for you as well particularly east of of the city. before a dense fog advisory across the bay. mix of sun and clouds in our forecast today. there will be some periods of sunshine and cooler and we'll watch the storm develop to our south and that will bring us some rain overnight tonight into tuesday. 61degrees yesterday. not a bad-looking day. >> we'll enjoy it.
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we know the changes are coming. thank you. prince george's county executive jack johnson is expected to return to work today after friday's arrest. both he and his wife are facing evidence tampering charges in an ongoing federal corruption investigation. police are trying to locate the mother of a newborn girl found outside a church in the springfield, virginia area. somebody left the baby in a duffel bag outside the st. raymond of penafort church. the baby is said to be hospitalized in good condition. congress returns to work today giving democrats their final taste of control in the house. lawmaker will convene if a -- for a lame duck session this week. president obama is back in washington after the longest trip of his presidency.
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he spent 10 days in asia visiting four countries. he had diplomatic success in india and indonesia but failed so seal a free trade deal in korea. tonight is the big match-up between the redskins and eagles at home at fedex field. monday night football fans are anticipating donovan mcnabb squaring off against his old team. meantime, aaa is predicting a nightmare out there on the roads. >> you add in a big monday night football game to rush hour, it won't be pretty, will it ? >> you start with the fact that we have snow of the country's worst rush hours and now we are
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adding folks going to the game at fedex. four, five, six hours ahead of time, people like to be there and tailgate. we are talking about traffic heading there probably stargt at -- starting at 3:00 in the afternoon. they will have to be there by 6:00 if they want to tailgate for two hours and most want to do more than that. are there going to be tens of thousands of additional vehicles on the capital beltway heading to fedex at rush hour? yes. is that enough to bring the beltway to a stop? absolutely. just think about the sunday games. you can get quite a traffic jam just getting to fedex on sunday when we don't have rush hour. so add a washington rush hour to a redskins game and you have the possibility of having the
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crowd there at rush hour. >> metro employees will object hand and metro service will be extended and hour late. you can watch the eagles and skins on my 20 tonight. kickoff at 8:30 tonight. stay with us this morning. we have much more straight ahead. we'll take a look at your weather, your traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now. monday morning, november 15th, 2010. we want to thank you for getting up early with us. hope you enjoyed the weekend because changes are coming. >> good morning. beautiful weekend. >> absolutely. even last week was really nice. >> the whole week. >> i guess it has to come to and end. >> we will get a good soaking rain tomorrow. today, temperatures will cool down a little bit and clouds
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will increase. let's get to the numbers now. good news news, light jacket necessary. we are in the upper 40s throughout the region. a little cooler to the west and north. dulles, 44 at this hour. cloud out there, some fog as well actually weak cold front has been marching through. you see the rain showers falling apart before they get in here but some of the cloud cover associated with that frontal system hanging out across the mid-atlantic. it will be partly sunny and it will take a while to burn off some of the fog. our forecast is a fairly easy one. increasing clouds today after a little morning fog. high temperatures cooler than yesterday, still above where they should be. if you are going to the redskins game tonight, we should remain dry for the game but it will be cloudy and relatively mild out there with temperatures falling into the mid-50s by game time. >> thank you, tuck.
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let's check the roads with julie. >> not a lot happening out there overnight and this morning. the live shot of 66 coming inbound here. no sign of any roadwork approaching the beltway. the beltway construction at tyson's being cleared and 66 inside of the beltway at speed as you i don't recollect with our way eastbound across the t. r. bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. our big story, prince george's county executive jack johnson is expected to head back to work just 48 hours after being arrested by federal agents. incoming executive rushern baker isn't commenting on its predecessor but baker's team says it isn't concerned about the transition.
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>> we still have 5,000 people continuing to do the people's business here so life will go on. >> reporter: the judge's home detention order says jack january son is approved to go to work and he is approved for doctor's visits. in virginia in fairfax county, police are look for the mother of a baby girl abandoned in a church parking lot. early yesterday morning, a parishioner found the newborn girl placed in side a duffel bag. the baby is said to be in good condition at inova fairfax hospital. police are trying to figure out who left her there. >> our main priority now is we need to find the mother. it is obvious that the baby was not delivered in a hospital. therefore, she possibly delivered this baby on her own and we are concerned for her safety and her well-being. >> i would say divine intervention, the holy spirit told that parishioner to stop and look in the bag and the parishioner found a crying baby. >> that newborn baby is expected to be hospitalized for
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a few more days before being placed in foster care. congress returns to work today giving democrats their final taste of control of the house. lawmaker will convene if a lame duck session this week. sarah simmons has more. >> reporter: as congress gets ready to reconvene, there is a big task hanging over its head. the bush tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year unless lawmakers ask now. after the election took away the democratic hold in congress, there appears to be some negotiating with the president. >> i want to make sure taxes don't go up for mid class -- middle class families on january 1st. >> reporter: what about temporarily extending the tax cuts. >> we cannot afford to go the
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additional step and primarily cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires. >> reporter: one option some republicans seem open to is extending the tax cuts for everyone including the wealthy for at least one to two years. >> if that is all we could get out of the president, then he is the president so we'll work with him on that but i hope he opportunity come back with the idea that wear going to raise taxes on 750,000 small businesses as he has been talking about. i think if he can work on our side of the ledger, i think we might can work together. >> reporter: there is a long list of items the democrat was like to get to during the lame duck session, social security issues, extending unemployment benefits and repealing don't ask, don't tell so gays can serve openly in the military. the congress has just a few precious weeks in the year to get some of those issues, if any, resolved. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> thank you. president obama is back in
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washington after the longest trip of his presidenciy. he spent 10 days in asia visiting four countries. he had diplomatic success in india and indonesia. he was unsuccessful in persuading world leaders to back a u.s. push to make china boost the value of its currency. you can expect traffic gridlock on the roads and a packed ride on metro today as the redskins get ready to take on philadelphia at home tonight. the 8:30 game is sold out which means 91,000 fans will be headed this way right in the middle of rush hour. aaa says you try to avoid the beltway starting as early as 3:00 this afternoon. >> we are talking about traffic heading there starting at 3:00 in the afternoon and they have to be by 6:00 if they want to do tailgating for two hours and most want to do more than that. are there going to be tens of thousands of additional vehicles on the beltway heading
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to fedex during rush hour? yes. is that going to be enough to bring the beltway for a stop? absolutely. >> metro is getting ready for the crowds too. the agency said it is planning to put more trains into service at the end of the game to get people home. metro service will be extended and hour later. you can watch the eagles and skins on my 0 tonight. kickoff is 8:30 p.m. immediately following the game, stay tuned for the nissan post- game show. we have much more straight ahead. a deadly explosion at a large resort hotel. witnesses describe a horrific scene. we'll get the latest as we check headlines. 
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a deadly explosion in mexico. the blastss with at a resort
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killed five canadian tourists and two mexican hotel workers. police say a gas leak or a build-up of natural gas from nearby swamps caused this explosion. gunman set fire for a convoy of nato tanker trucks in afghanistan. a seery of bomb blasts in other parts of the country killed 11 people including five nato soldiers yesterday. the violence shows that insurgents can still launch attacks. a british couple held for more than a year by pirates off somalia are now speaking out about their horrific captivity. richally and paul chandler say they were severely beaten by the pirates when they refused to be separated. somali pirates captured the two in october of 2009 while sailing in their yacht. they say they are happy to be free after 388 days in
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captivity. >> happy to be here. so happy to see among the faces the everyday people. there are reports this morning that a $750,000 ransom was paid to the pirates. here at home, one member of a missing family has been found alive and her accused kidnapper is now in custody. sunday, authorities found 13- year-old sarah maynard bound and gagged in the basement of a man. investigators are hoping he will lead them to sarah's mother, brother and friend all missing since last wednesday. beefed-up security at airports. what happens if you refuse a patdown. one man refuand recorded what h him. winter came a little bit early in the midwest. a heavy snowstorm caught some
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people off guard. >> not around here. what a beautiful weekend we had. we had temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. i'll have the details on your weather and julie wright has a look at your on-time traffic coming up in just a couple of minutes. 
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welcome back. that looks a little eerie out there. that is a little fog, tuck? >> yeah, it is fog. we have a dense fog advisory not here in the immediate washington area but east of the
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bay. we'll talk about that in just a second. we'll get you caught up on what you can expect as you start your workweek. the world's largest tower is standing tall in chile. this one is made out of lego bricks. children built this in three days way little bit of help from a crane and a few adults. -- with a little bit of help from a crane and a few adults. >> that would be the largest lego tower. it looked impressive. >> that is neat. >> we have a cold front that is coming through and the air has gotten kind of still in front of that frontal system. it will burn off here and we'll be in for a decent day. gorgeous weekend, temperatures
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in the upper 60s on saturday, mid-60s yesterday. there you go. yesterday's daytime high at reagan national, 65 degrees. both dulles and bwi marshall, 64. great-looking day. going to be a little cooler today. we've got more cloud cover out there. we've got a little fog as mentioned across the city. we will be in for a decent day today. it will still be on the mild side with highs back in the low 60s. nice and mild out there right now. 49 at reagan national. 52 in annapolis. not really cooling off. 43 in leonardtown. manassas is 41 and got a lot of mid-40s. in winchester, 43 degrees as you start your morning. we'll have more cloud cover around here and eventually some rain showers. the rain really won't get in here until overnight tonight. it is not too far away. there is your morning satellite-
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radar. the cold front will not get a chance to slide too far east and a storm system to our south and west will ride right along that frontal boundary and into the washington area. you can see the first area of rain associated with that storminess. pretty good storm too down towards new orleans. our clouds will increase later today an eventually the rain will move back in i think any time after midnight tonight into tomorrow morning, we'll be in for a good soaking rain around here on tuesday with cooler temperatures. today, a little cooler. mick of sun and clouds out there, 61 degrees. cloud up tonight with rain possible overnight. i think the timing, after midnight. overnight low, 50. won't be too cold with temperatures generally in the 50s at game time at fedex field. warm up briefly on wednesday at 62. a more vigorous cool front
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starts a gradual cooldown with highs by friday only in the 50s. let's do some on-time traffic and julie wright has the latest. cowboys looked rather impressive yesterday. >> i know, for the first time in weeks, i've been able to say how about my boys. >> yeah, it was a happy day at my house. the caps won, the boys won. 270 out of germantown, light traffic volume headed into rockville. no incident to report northbound on 395 as you leave duke street headed past seminary road up and across the inbound 14th street bridge. light traffic volume there. southbound 295 at the suitland parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. an old levee on the mall that was supposed to stop flooding in the district is getting replaced. it was built with temporary jersey barriers and dirt back in the 1930s. construction on the new one
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across 17th street will begin today. later today, officials will announce the project at a news conference. it was a white weekend in iowa. eight inches of snow blanketed parts of the state. it turned into a full-blown storm saturday afternoon. the heavy wet snow downed power lines and create dangerous road conditions there. winter came early in minnesota also. nearly a foot of snow fell over the weekend. jody ambrose has more on this dangerous weather. >> it surprised me. >> reporter: the wintry blast roared in full steam ahead. can you hear it pelting our camera. the storm left behind a heavy blanket of snow coating roads with a slip slippery mess. what was your drive like? >> a little scary. i was going to an area i wasn't
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that terribly familiar with so not being able it see the street signs was kind of fun. >> reporter: this woman is in no hurry to head home after her last trip. >> i was going 20 miles per hour. it was really slow. >> reporter: no matter where you drove in the metro today, chances are the snow slowed you down. the slush is making it difficult to navigate. >> a little tough. i have four-wheel drive and even with that, i still slide around a little so it kind of sucks. >> ashley keel drove in from iowa. a lot of drivers may have been caught off guard by all of this heavy, wet snow. they also wonder for min-dot was fully prepared. >> the storm came in with a blast that you never know until
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it actually hits how the wind will shift. >> reporter: they say crews have been on duty since midnight prepping for the storm. # 50 plows are out across the metro now but they still can't close the roads fast enough for everyone. >> we planned on going home tomorrow but we'll see. -- 250,000 are out across the metro now but they still can't clear the roads fast enough for everyone. >> we planned on going home tomorrow but we'll see. it looks like the ipads won't be on many shoppers' wish list this is holiday season. analysts are predicting apple may not sell as many as first thought. consumers may be scaling back on technology or might be going for smart phone or laptops instead. there is more outrage over the tsa full body scans at airport security. if you river to go through the machine, you will have to get a
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patdown. when if you refuse both? one man found out when he did just that. >> we are spending inordinate amount of the money on security that isn't necessary and arguably doesn't work. >> reporter: that is why john tiner was escorted out of lindbergh field. >> they asked me to go through the scanner and i said i don't think so. >> reporter: there has been a backlash against the use of the naked body scanner. many argue the machines arely too invasive and possibly harmful for the body. john's smart phone recorded what happened next. >> i am going to place my hand on your hips and your uner thigh and slowly go up. two times in the front and two times in the back. >> if you touch my junk, you're going to be arrested.
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>> reporter: tuner was escorted out of security. he said american airlines gave him a refund but another higher hundred told him. >> as i was trying to leave and the super's, supervisor's supervisor came over and told me i needed to go back through security because it was against federal law to start the security process and not finish it. >> reporter: tiner's phone recorded that incident action before he left the airport. >> it will be better for you when we bring the case against you that we are going to bring that you cooperate. >> you bring that case. the burgundy and gold will be back in action. up next, the monday night showdown against theeagles.
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a baseball fan's dream. some of the sport's most prized possessions up for auction at the louisville includinger museum. among those on the auction block, babe ruth's signed baseball and a bat selling for $64,000 to an anonymous bidder. >> it is the best auction, the best sports auction in the country right here at home. i've got a personal interest in that i've been collecting stuff for almost 40 years and i have six of my own personal items that i've con signed to the auction companies. >> a bat signed by cy young is selling for $138,000 an an autographed photo of mayor minute monroe signed to former
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husband joe dimaggio going for $63,000. the caps against the thrashers. ovechkin leading the back. caps led 3-1. they go to win this one 6-4. to basketball now and the maryland terps facing the maine black bears. howard hit the game winner against charleston on wednesday and he nails the three here to put the terps up 10. tucker with 16 points in this game. maryland pounds maine 89-59. to football now. the redskins play tonight against the eagles. two of the division rivals were at it yesterday. the dallas cowboys and the new york giants and that game left people in the dark, literally. >> and now the lights go out. the lights just went out here at new meadowlands stadium. >> reporter: there were two
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power outages in the third quarter lasting 11 minutes. the cowboys had plenty of offensive power though. interim head coach jason garrett won in his coaching debut. the cowboys beat the joints 33- 20 for just their second win of of the season. tonight, the redskins take on philadelphia on national television. this will go a long way to determine how the coach, quarterback and entire team is perceived by fans. lynn say -- lindsay murphy has more on that. >> reporter: monday night for the redskins is possibly the biggest game they've played all season, a game that may determine how long the zone van mcnabb benching story lingers. >> for me, it is an opportunity for me to move on. we are playing against a tough team that is playing pretty well right now coming off a great win. so we've got to be able to match that intensity and going out on monday night with a great day to play. >> reporter: week four in philly, all eyes were on number
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5 as he returned to a city he called home for 11 seasons. now in week 10rbgs all eyes will be on mcnabb to see how he responds after his benching with the lions. one thing is for sure, his teammates have his back. >> when we step on the field, donovan will be leading us out of the tunnel and that is who we got to go out and rally around. we know donovan is the leader of this team. he got to carry us. we only going to go as as far as he do. >> reporter: they will play against a team they barely beat in week four. plus michael vick is back. >> that is when we do and what we live for. it is a night game under the lights t bring us back to your heyday under the lights on friday night football.


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